Tuesday, January 10, 2006

music is better than special effects...

listening: Aquarius, Boards of Canada

What is real?

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
~The Wizard of Oz
What is the first special effects or effects heavy film you remember seeing and thinking "wow" at the visuals? (I know for many, it was Star Wars.) What are some recent examples, if any, that wowed you?
(Feeling creative today...yeah...creative)

Honestly, I don't think I was boweled over by special effects until the Matrix. It was after came out in the theaters. I was at Mikey's OLD house in Swanzey and there were a lot of us (Mikey, Neil, me, Laura, Pete, Kevin and...and...is her name Rachel?) watching it on the big screen TV. I had to old onto the couch to keep from floating away...if you know what I mean. I was rediculously blown away.

When I was younger, I wasn't really wowed by special effects. I remember always being afraid during 'Flight of the Navigator" at the beginning and during the part where they go back in time. I liked plots more...love stories, action adventure...all the jazz. I didn't care too much for flashy junk. In my later (and toastier) years, I've grown to enjoy visual stimulation (The Waking Life, Amelie, etc.). But I'm not too much of a special fx person...at all. Recently, I was totally blown away by Lord of the Rings...and Harry Potter. :)

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