Tuesday, January 17, 2006


listening: Not the Red Baron, Tori Amos

Here I am...in my trusty hotel room in my trusty hotel, where I spent five months of my life the summer of 2004. I HATE this. I'm stuck between Keene and Manchester...all of things are in Keene; my belongings, the things that I love. I just want to be home. I officially moved from Manchester this weekend, in sixty degree rain on Saturday and 30 below snow on Sunday. Nick says when I move, I flee. I think there's some truth to that now, since I've been mulling that over and over and over in my head. In a way, I WAS fleeing, running for my life. I've been really unhappy lately, driven to distraction by being uncomfortable at work, having to worry about moving. I feel like things are only going to get worse. I think there's a lot of animosity about me moving. I feel like I'm being treated like an idiot...I've gotten yelled at more in the last couple of days than I can remember...like SCREAMED at and I don't get it. This afternoon, I just wanted to shrink up and cry.

On a positive note, I know it won't be long now. Until I'm back where I belong. Until then, something to keep me occupied:

Ten on Tuesday

10 current favorite TV shows

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm
2. King of the Hill
3. Three's Company
4. The Soup
5. The Simpson's
6. Creature Comforts (bbcAmerica)
7. Law & Order CI
8. Sex & the City
9. Footballer's Wives
10. Barefoot Contessa

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