Monday, January 09, 2006

I like it loud

Listening: VH1 Classic, 'Headline Act: Kiss'...yeah, I have no idea

Taken from Liz:

Four jobs I've had:

1. Current job: band air at successful tour operator
I love my job...sorry.
2. Cashier/Shift leader, Hannaford Bros.
The code for bananas is 4011.
3. Hostess at The Pub restaurant.
4. Ashuelot Valley Coffee and Tea Emporium (... and Third Generation Plumbing)
My first "real" job. I think I made $4 an hour.

Four movies I've seen more than once:(this is hard...I watch movies over and over and over)

1. Wonderboys.
I like how warm the movie feels...the light.
2. The Anniversary Party.
I've seen this movie six times...maybe more. I like it more every time I see it.
3. Amelie
It needs to be watched several times.
4. Anchorman
I've counted...I've seen it almost forty times (six being on a flight from Vienna to New York). That makes me want to throw up. It's so funny though!
"You look like a blueberry!"

Four places I've lived

1. Winchester, NH
I'm from the ritzy side...that was a joke.
2. Boston, MA
Will forever be my favorite place on the face of the planet.
3. Marlborough, NH
The time of my life.
4. Manchester, NH
This sucks.

Four TV shows I've seen more than one episode of (are we kidding here?)

1. I Love the 80's (the original and Strikes Back and 3d and 70's and 90's and 90's: Part Deux...oh, yeah...and the stupid Holiday one)
What can I say folks: when I say I watch it whenever it's on...I'm TOTALLY not kidding.
2. CSI
3. Three's Company
I'm obsessed.
4. King of the Hill.
WWAAAHHH...that was for Annie, who can Hank WAY better than me.

Four places I've been on vacation

1. Florida
2. Lake Winneapausaki
3. My House
4. Portland, ME

Four Favorite Foods

1. Cheezit Twister things
They have crack on them.
2. Turkey Clubs
3. Pad Thai
4. Tomatoes

Four places I'd rather be

1. Keene
2. Prague
3. Tony Clamatos'
4. Somewhere Warm.

The four CDs I listened to most recently

1. X&Y, Coldplay
Yeah, we DID break up but we are SOO back together.
2. Best of, Groove Armada
3. Bloc Party
4. Nick's Birthday mix

Last four vehicles IÂ?ve owned

1. Ford Focus, dark grey
named Natascha.
2. VW Golf, mint green
My first actual car. I loved that frickin' car. The doors didn't open, the radio didn't work and the bumper fell off but I LOVED it.
3. Ford Ranger, dark green
Named Teek.
4. Corsica, red
My first car my parents bought. I drove that thing into the ground. It went up Pisgah...that's all I'm saying.

Things in my life that come in fours

1. Penny and Lily...on four legs.
2. Gay men...Neil, Nick, Mickey and James
3. My family.
4. Average amount of times I hit snooze in the morning

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