Monday, August 15, 2005

from orlando and back

listening: dirty epic, underworld

Neil, before I forget--WATCH THIS MOVIE. You'll probably have to hunt to find it but it's worth it. Find it.

What's up bitches?

I'm back from Florida and I have to say...

Pardon the retardo picture but I think it captures my new sentiment perfectly. I love Florida. It was fab. I've always hated Florida. I hated Florida since I first visted there when I was 15...when I hated everything, which explains a lot. I had a great flight longer scared of flying, peeps.

I don't have a lot to say. I started a lot of this post yesterday night but there's a deep bone tiredness inside of me that I haven't been able to shake since Sunday night. I know I should sleep but it's nice having the house to myself.

Oh, other in other news...I was planning on going to Russia this year on a FAM (travel agent jargon for familiarization trip...means company pays and you get to visit all the hotels we use in the particular destination--I've been on two, Rio in 2002 and Budapest, Vienna and Prague this past November). Unfortunately, they cancelled the Russia FAM. My boss told me to choose between Japan and China--and Japan is probably going to be it. Anyone have an opinion on this? I've never really wanted to go to Japan but, and this sounds really dumb, after seeing Lost in Translation, I'm a little more interested. Must learn to like sushi. Must.

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