Monday, March 17, 2003

am i part of the cure or am i part of the diease?

God, what a day.
I don't know if you all watch CNN, but there's this thing called "the killer flu", or SARS (severe acute respitory syndrome) going on Asia now. It's some kind of deadly pnemonia or something.
Fucking chaos.
That's all work was today. People freaking out, screaming at each other. Every word my boss said today was "fuck", and he's not a big curser. He yells, but he never says "fuck" in normal conversation. It was insane. I said something jokingly to him at the copier and he got in my face, asking why I was attacking him. It was scary, it really was. He calmed down in the afternoon, after calling me a "pain in the fucking ass". What a nice place to work. We are all so nice to each other. I was only aware of the whole killer flu thing. I'm in Latin America. We only have stuff like Dengue Fever and stuff. Nothing crazy like the whole killer flu.
Oh, here we go. Bush's address. I'm going to pause for a moment.
I don't have much to say after that. I'm depressed now.
Good night

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