Sunday, March 16, 2003

we live in a beautiful world...

It is so beautiful here in Southern New Hampshire, babies. It's so nice out. It's got to be at least 45, 50 degrees out. The snow is finally melting, the sun is shining...drove all the way here with the windows down, listening to one my Coldplay rarities CD's, Penny hanging out the back window. I knew it would be a good day.
However, what kind of night is another story. Mikey's friend Scary Gary is up tonight. He's such a wierdo. I don't like him. At all. Neither does Neil. Mikey knows this. Doesn't stop him from inviting him over. And he's not cutting into my Six Feet Under time. I love that show.
I went into work yesterday for like seven hours. Ugh. I got a lot done, but I'm not getting paid enough to do that regularly.
I don't like my graphic. It didn't turn out the way I wanted. Yuck. I need to change it.
I'm watching a Suze Orman special on PBS with my mom. She keeps asking me if I'm listening. Yeah, I'm listening. It's making me feel like shit. It's unreal to think about how much money I would have if I had saved $10.00 a week since I turned 18.
Morocco is spelled wrong on my business cards. Moraco. MORACO?
I wish today could last forever.

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