Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Scully sans Mulder, the 'Dr. Laura show' and other signs of the apocolypse...

Yes, I fear the end is near, folks. Has anyone seen the cover of Entertainment Weekly? Isn't that the freaky cyborg dude from T2? What the hell? And since when can white, gay-bashing, racist icequeens get their own TV show?...well, besides 700 Club.

My contact now has a permanent cloud in it, making my world blurry and off-kilter.

My issue of 'Martha Stewart Living' arrived today. So did my first computer bill. Did a classic 'doh!' in my head as I read it. Yuck. I hate money.

Probably because I never have any.

Figured out what I'm going to do about school. I'm going to have drop down to 3/4 Time to do it, but, oh, well. Have to call the insurance company and see if they'll take me off my parents' insurance if I do that, but my college loans are safe for now. They can't touch me. :) Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah...

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