Monday, September 18, 2000

So, my busy weekend is over.

Neil's birthday was a blast. We had a wonderful dinner at Tony Clamato's, a beautiful, old-time Italian ristorante and bar. I decided I might want to go there, instead of Marco Polo for Japanese. We headed back to his house, after a few foiled attempts to buy some red wine, and watched movies and got totally sloshed. So much fun, too many Lemon Drops, lots of laughing and tears. Icky in the sucked...went home early...YAY!

So, as you saw in one of my previous entries, today was the day I was going to get my ass in gear. I've decided to withdraw from Cultural Geography, an accelerated course that I've missed too much to even hope for a B now. I set up an appointment at the Elliot Center to talk to an advisor, and I'm also going to talk about taking a leave of absence to get my head on straight. I've decided I don't want to drop out of college completely...just put it on hold for a semester. I updated my checkbook [finally] and made an appointment at the clinic for new contacts. I'm going to clean out my nasty pit of a car and then go to work from 4 to 11pm, where I shall inquire about my raise that hasn't risen yet, which pisses me off, since I guess they've been screwing a lot of people out of their raises lately. The computers went down this weekend, so all schedules were done by hand...wicked fun. Whoohoo. First week of no Wednesday work...which will be a lot of fun and relief.

I'm actually happy today. I feel relieved for some reason. Maybe because I know I'm finally doing the right thing.

It's about damn time, right?

Oh, BTW, thanks Melissa. You're a doll and I miss you.

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