Monday, December 18, 2006

on the roadshow, the most annoying antiques are the people

Oh, PBS. Can it be true? Is the endless nuclear winter of fundraising finally dawning into a education-filled spring?

They're playing 'Antiques Roadshow'. I almost cried. I watch it and say "It's just a box! Are you nuts!" I've missed the normal programming. I've been flipping around. I should be reading before I slip into early Alzheimer's. However, I do enjoy when people find out that a bunch of kids in China made their mahogany sideboard that their dear old grandma had told them came over on the Mayflower when in actuality she bought it at Ames, and that they might as well chop it up and sell it for firewood. I know, it's a sadisic pleasure. There's a 'Will and Grace' about that. The teapot episode. I also hate when they say "Are you sure?" to the snooty appraisers, like they're on Candid Camera and not a respectable show like 'Antiques Roadshow'.

I've been trying to decide where I should go next year. I think somewhere in Asia again. Possibly Vietnam. Any thoughts?

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