Sunday, December 17, 2006

adventures in alcohol

The instructions were clear.

"We only have fifteen minutes. Think about what you want. We don't have time for you to be dancing around with a weird bottle of something-or-other."

Yet, while I was collecting an armful of midget-sized bottles of voka which I ultimately put back, Nick was perusing the near-empty shelves of what I have dubbed "the Weird Stuff". Plumb wine, saki, other odd things. I didn't know what I felt like. Yet there he was, dancing around with a bottle of Kijafa, cherry wine from Denmark. He also had a bottle of Reisling and something else. I grabbed a bottle of six dollar champagne and made him choose between his armful of booze.

The Kijafa went well with the champagne, I guess. It was a little too sweet with the champagne, especially since the champagne warm. I went searching this morning to find the real way to drink Kijafa. The one way I found was to mix it with your favorite soda. an old skool cherry coke. I waited until it was socially acceptable to have some (it's only like 15% alcohol, anyway) and had some with some Diet Coke. Kijafa is a deep, dark cherry red. Blended with the Coke, it created a syrupy, ruby black. It's yummy. If you're looking for something weird to add to your collection, I can recommend it.

I just sobbed through the second half of 'Tsunami: the AfTermath;'. There are points that you just stop watching and try to imagine what YOU would do if your entire family was swept away. It just rips your heart out.

I made four loaves of bread today. I'm nuts.

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Linda Winfree said...

Oh, my God, I watched that same film over the weekend . . . and I cried as well. Part of me wanted to stop watching, but I couldn't. It was very well done, very affecting.

Glad to see you back on Blogger! :-)