Sunday, September 04, 2005

he'll flip ya'...flip ya' for real

Ah, Labor Day weekend. Who could ask for anything more? I adore long weekends because I am a.) actually a lazy bastard and b.) I need a day off now and then. Not much to report, since I haven't done much. Friday night Katie and I got Chinese and beer and watched TV and got drunk. Saturday we cleaned the house and I made dinner for Nick and Jim--roasted artichoke hearts and chicken piccata--thanks, Rachel Ray! Today I slept late and I've been watching MAD TV all day long. Oh...and the Usual Suspects on A&E. I'm sorry, I don't know why they bother showing it on cable. There are waaaaaay to many "fairy godmothers" in there to make it believable. It gives me a headache. I just really like to watch skinny Benicio. Doesn't it look like current Benicio ate skinny Benecio?

Poor, poor Benecio.

Couple of observations from this past weekend:

Heath Ledger is claiming that he "deliberately took roles he knew would ruin his screen career, as he wanted the chance to rise from the ashes in an even more impressive form." Yeah, that what I would have said if I was in The Order, too. Funny, I deliberately WATCHED Ned Kelly to ruin my night and gave me the chance to disrespect him as an actor. Wonder if he planned that, too.

Oh, SNAP! A WHOLE half and hour of 'Spade in America'?! Someone has finally heard my prayers. I am so effing psyched.

Kanye Wests' speech on NBC was STUNNING. I knew I loved that man. I think we should print "Bush doesn't care about black people" on t-shirts and pass them out! Thank you, Kanye! Thank you for being a celebrity who uses his influence for good and not evil.

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