Thursday, July 28, 2005

And then there's THIS

listening: In Circles, Sunny Day Real Estate

Rob Thomas <3's weed.

Just another clue that Rob Thomas is gunning to be my next gay boyfriend. What's UP, Rob? Heard about you and the wackadoodledoo
. Tough break. Honestly, I don't know why either of you bother with the "straight" routine anymore. Tommy's been gay since Topgun. Only a gay man would find Katie Holmes attractive anyway. And you? Puh-lese. The video for 'this is how a heart breaks', is just vying for a bassline and some glowsticks to be next the big gay dancefloor anthem of the summer. And c'mon, you're running from a GUY in that video. A guy who looks very crazily like Jason Mraz. And I think you were holding back on the dancing thing in 'Lonley No More', too. I knew you were dying to turn off your crap and throw some remixed Britney in the player so you can shake your little ass off.

So, to review. Rob Thomas: gay, check. Big bank account to buy me stuff, check. Has cookies, check. Crazy hot ex to gossip about, check.

I'm just being silly. Weirdass work week. I can't wait for the weekend. So much office politics bullshit I can barely see straight.

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