Sunday, January 26, 2003

news from the great white north

Because it's snowing again. AGAIN. I don't get it. At work Friday, Helena asked (in her deep eastern europe accent) asked "Do you not have enough money for a proper jacket?" I didn't realize we were slipping into the next ice age, for crying out loud. Last year, the temperature hardly dipped below freezing. Now it's like 5 below and did I mention it's snowing again?
I'm here at the `rents, after driving Natascha (my car...yeah I know) up through the snow and ice into the middle of NOWHERE. My mother went skiing and my brother and father went to a Celtics game so I get this big beautiful house all to myself. So what if I'm watching infomericals and puttering around the net? Visited the new fanlistings page and I have to say, the new layout kind of sucks. It's kind of cheezy. Maybe they'll change it. ICK.
I really don't have anything important to say, not like I ever do anyway. Thinking about work tomorrow, trying to convince myself to go to bed early and go in to work really early, since I didn't go in on Saturday. Sigh...
I was going to post this the other night, but here it is...THIS is why I love this fucking band so much. THIS is why.

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