Thursday, January 24, 2002

Seems like I start off every post with an apology.
I haven't posted in a while. Sorry.
Now that that's over with, I don't have much to say.
Probably because I don't do much other than work and hang out with my Neil, Nick and Mikey. January through March is the busiest time at work, and without a full staff, I'm really feeling it. Kim picked me up at six am this morning and I helped her clean until seven, then worked out a couple of FITs (Foreign Independant Travel for all you people out there going HUH?) before I got on the phone at 930. I'm completely exhausted. Kim took me to her mom's house and I got to hang out with her kids. Melanie, the middle kid, reminds me of me when I was younger. It's kind of scary to look at a little girl and see the little girl you were looking back at you. Very sweet, very small with a little turned up nose and a bad attitude. I told Kim to pick me up again tomorrow (she only lives a few minutes away from me) at six. I'm almost regretting it, because BED sounds sooo good right now.
I've got Deepsky in the CD player and it helps a little. These are the days that make you want to go home and cry. I saw a tshirt once that said "I'm so far behind I will never die." or something like that. That's totally how I feel. Working ten/eleven hour days during the week, go in for six to eight hours on the weekend. AUGH! I don't get paid enough for this!! Every time that thought pops into my head, I repeat "Think of the $1100.00 commission check in October" over and over, even though it doesn't really help since I'm TOTALLY broke right now. It's a hard kind of broke. It's the broke where you count out dimes for ciggerattes because your day has been so unbearingly stressful. Yeah. Yick.
So I kind of ended up just whining here. Maybe I'll get back into posting...maybe I won't. But I still love you all.

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