Monday, October 23, 2000

Anyone have $400 they can loan me til next month?
That's right, folks...I am broker than broke.
My checkbook is horrendously overdrawn.
It looks the tempature reading in Antarctica.
On a really bad day.
There comes a point where there just isn't anymore money.
And I've hit that point and I'm beginning to slide downhill.
Well, another major league screwup from the Yankees of screwups, yours truly.
I'm moving out of my house and in with Neil since psychowomanroommatefromhell disappeared a few days ago with all her stuff. Adios, Meggie. It was nice almost knowing you. Of course, I have no money for rent.
Neil owes $800 in back electric bills.
And I come out looking like an irresponsible little moron whose parents are tired of bailing her out.
I need to float a lone from the Bank of MomandDad.
I've just got to live through this.
Is it Friday yet?

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