Monday, July 10, 2000

Good LORD, what a day. It was supposed to be my day off, a good, relaxing, refreshing day...ended up being hot, sticky, stressful and exhausting!

I slept kind of late and just hung around in my jammies, before making my all time favorite brekkie of all time: poached eggs on toast....yum. I just hung around the house, avoiding doing things my mother asked me to do until 3 pm, when Penny and I hopped in the VW and headed to Keene to meet Brittany. This is when the trouble begins.

When I turned on to Main Street, Penny threw up all over my front seat, and my sunglasses. Even though I hadn't even planned on picking Ben up, that really distracted me. We walked along Main Street so Penny could recover and waited for Brittany to show up. She showed up with her mother and her aunt, who were going to meet Ben or something. It was just a huge mess and when Ben finally showed up, he was pissed. It was a whole big headache, ending with Brittany running off somewhere. I don't know. I'm too old for this. I felt bad for Brittany but I didn't know where she went, so I couldn't talk to her. My sandals gave me blisters, I was tired and cranky and sweaty. I went to Hannaford's afterwards to get Penny some water, and ended up blabbing there for a half hour with everyone. I felt bad for Penny, dragging her all over the place all day, but I got her a burger from Mickey D's to make up for it. She seemed to enjoy it. Poor thing.

I was supposed to call Neil tonight, but I really feel like a Jen-night. I've got Rocky Horror on behind me and I'm half watching it. I've only seen it a gazillion times. I felt like watching some light and unserious. I took a long, hot bath when I got home. I feel much better now.

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