Sunday, February 05, 2006

remember when Tom Cruise wasn't crazy?...and other things that make me feel old

So I've been back in Keene for four days and honestly, it's good to be back. I feel like I belong here more than ever.

Watched Clueless this morning. I told my mother I thought Clueless defined my generation. My parents had Apocolypse Now and American Graffiti and I have Clueless. Does anyone agree with me? Am I totally off my mark here? Now I'm watching the Firm while surfing through Sephora for Good Things. Remember when Tom Cruise did all those great movies in the 90's? I mean, I know some of them sucked (see Cocktail) but the rest of them were great. His current state of nutcase really came out of leftfield. Poor Tommy...

Um, I don't know if anyone saw that NBC is pimping Law & Order this week because Kathleen Turner is guest starring. One of my fave movies growing up was Romancing the Stone and I thought she was great. She's kind of become a charicature of herself. Like, for example...this is how I remember her:

And I almost killed myself laughing when I saw something that was much scarier but very similar to THIS on TV last night:

I'm totally concerned for her. I see where this is going...

"Mr. Perlman, are you trying to seduce me?"


So I don't really have a lot to say. However, I stole this from Nicole because I think it's a good idea.

27 x 27
(27 things I want to accomplish by the time I'm 27--November 23rd)

1. Sign up for a class at Franklin Pierce.
2. Find an apartment.
3. Go to the doctor.
4. Go SOMEWHERE outside of the Northeast-like California.
5. Lose 50 lbs.
6. Stop chewing my nails.
7. Read a book a month...we'll start small!
8. Pay my parents back most of the money I owe them.
9. Pay off my bloody student loans.
10. Start exercising.
11. Get my hair cut correctly and maintain it so I stop looking like a mop.
12. Take Penny and Lily to the vet for a checkup.
13. Spend a weekend in Boston with my sister.
14. Go to Amsterdam on cheapo depot Icelandair tickets ($150 round trip!)
15. Find a nice boy.
16. Spend quality time with old friends.
17. Save up money for a sweet camera.
18. Get a raise.
19. Stop eating crap.
20. Start learning another language...French, maybe?
21. write more
22. Get a good pair of black heels.
23. Get my eyebrows threaded.
24. Go to Montreal.
25. Listen to good more crap.
26. Fix the antennae on my car so I can actually get radio stations.
27. Lose US Cellular and get a better phone.


Anonymous said...
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Dae said...


It's--wait, what name did I use? Dae now, then Diana--she of Crosby Hall once upon a time and formerly of CT. I missed your IM until I had already logged off and then when I jumed back on you were gone. I almost never use that old account. Try daesychain. I will try and keep an eye out for you!

Hope to catch you! Just sent forever tracking down your blog!