Tuesday, November 01, 2005

participation positives

+ being caught up at work--I mean REALLY caught up, not the caught up you tell yourself to make yourself think you're caught up
+ Reading again and feeding my head. Currently finished 'The Coldest Winter' by Paula Fox and 'Jesus Land' by Julia Scheeres, which I actually just finished last night at about 1 am, sniffling and sobbing. It was fantastic. 'The Coldest Winter' was good, but quite short and I finished it in an aftenoon. I was going to go to B&N (which I hate, BTW. Borders is so much more organized!!) on my lunch break but I can't find my debit card anywhere. I have 'The Namesake' at home, which I bought to read when I went to Europe, which was year ago this Saturday, so I think I'll read that.
+ Cooking for my sister
+ Finding the song from the HBO commericial: John Butler Trio, What You Want. It's on Rhapsody, ch-ch-check it out. I like it--a lot.
+ aimless shopping Saturday afternoon

My eyes are hurting again so I'm cutting this post short.


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