Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What day is it?

In true Jen style, one day late:

+EXTREMELY good times with my sister...I feel like we are a unit again.
+Footballer's Wives on BBCamerica
+wearing socks to bed
+apple crisp
+limoncello from Siciliy
+HagenDaz with said limoncello
+cookies (not the chocolate chip kind)
+handling an EXTREMELY difficult financial problem all by my self WITHOUT calling my parents--I did it, bitches!
+being warm and safe out of this crazy rain
+being ok with missing Pumpkinfest this year (although not ok with missing my friends...I miss you peeps!)

I know I've been away a while...no longer have a computer at home so it's hard to blog from work since I've been so busy.

Extremely low key weekend. Discovered Movies OnDemand, along with a couple free payperview movies. Watched Constantine (which was GREAT!), Death Becomes Her, Lemony Snickets (again) and Overnight, a documentary on Troy Duffy, who directed Boondox Saints. Here's the Netflix synopsis: "Lose yourself in this riveting documentary that chronicles the rise and ignoble fall of Troy Duffy, a bartender whose script for The Boondock Saints was picked up by Miramax bigwig Harvey Weinstein and made into a film. Like a freight train careening out of control, the arrogant Duffy -- once considered Hollywood's new wunderkind -- burns all his bridges, alienating his colleagues, his friends and his long-suffering brother, Taylor". 'Boondock' is one of my favorite movies. It's a cult classic and it was FASCINATING to watch how Troy started out so low and went so high--did you know at the time his script was picked up that he also nailed down a record deal for his band? The guy is a prick but I honestly think if you've seen Boondock, you should see this movie. Because we was supposed to be the next big thing, the next Tarentino, the next Scorsce, Coppola. And he isn't (Troy Duffy who?). Did his turning into a massive prick kill his career or was it the ruthless Hollywood world?

Not much to report, however. Work is work, homelife is homelife. A coworker has been mailing me classifieds to look for apartments in Keene...can't believe that December is already right around the corner.

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