Sunday, December 22, 2002

From dull to boring in sixty seconds...

So, I've kind of been neglecting my poor blog these last couple of months. Apparently, the little snippets of news I get on my daily perusal of aren't cutting it. It's not that I haven't anything to say or that there's nothing going on in my life...neither is true. I guess I just have a hard time sitting down and narrating my day.
I turned 23 on November 23rd and Mikey and Neil threw me a triptacular birthday party with Brandon and Amy and Pete and Laura. I got some good presents (The Godfather trilogy from Neil, which I've been asking for since they released it), 'Happy Days with the Naked Chef' and one of those cool round knife things from Mikey, Roadwarrior from Pete and Laura, which is one of my favorite movies of all time...I know, it's weird..., the new Best Of album from Amy (hence my renewed U2 obsession...incidentally, I got the original Greatest Hits from my friend Joan in Boston on my 19th birthday) and Joshua Tree on record from Brandon (which is, like, the best present ever. I was so psyched) and went a little crazy, but hey.
Other than that, life is pretty normal. I can't believe that Christmas is Wednesday. This year has gone by waay to fast. I haven't got all of my shopping done yet. Neil and I are supposed to go today if he ever gets his lazy ass out of bed. We're going to my office Christmas party later this afternoon and I have to find a secret santa gift for one of the girls in Groups...I have no clue what. A plant sounds sooo cheezy but I really have no clue what else to get her. They just had a baby, but...hell, I don't know. I was thinking maybe a nice picture frame, but that seems a little cheap, even though we have a $10.00 maximum.
Whoo-hoo, my Remy Zero download finished. My new obsession is Kazaa. I loved Napster when it was still usable. I loved it. I have no short term memory, so when I think of a song I want, I never remember it when I go to a store. With Napster, I could say "Remy Zero", click and download. Kazaa isn't as good as Napster (I hate the weirdass ads), but it does the job. We've had it a week and already have 75 files. It's nothing compared to the 300 or so we had on the computer before it went to Gateway hell, but it's a start. I've got GusGus going now (which we didn't actually download, so I have no clue where it came from.). Where's my Remy Zero....? Ah-ha, there we go. It's 'Shattered' and it's really good. Actually, this copy sucks. Great. How about a little Guster?
There, much better.
Neil and I went to see Lord of the Rings Friday night. It was amazing. AMAZING. It doesn't feel as long as it really is. You're too busy being sucked into the story. There were points, and I know this sounds stupid, but that you really feel like this is real, this is happening. I never read the books when I was little. Lord of the Rings was Neil's freakin' childhood. He loves it. I want to read the books, but part of me wants to see the third movie first. I know it's a cop out, but I don't want to know what happens. And it's not like Neil will tell me anyway. But the movie was wonderful. It's perfect. It's mindboggling to think that this kind of movie was ever made...and made as well as it is. The subject matter is so relevant too. Neil and I were talking about it on the way home. I wondered if Tolkien was writing the books as a comment on the world situation (war, environmental destruction, etc.) A lot of it hit home. The audience was practically silent through the whole thing, except for the occasional burst of applause and "Holy shit!"'s. (And Orlando Bloom is beautiful. Damn, Legolis!) The place was packed. They totally sold out. The theater owner is such a jerk, too. He's this teeny, balding little queen who can't keep help at all and was working the ticket counter on a Friday night. How much does that suck? Don't you have someone to do that for you? We bought our tickets an hour before the movie started so we didn't have to stand in line, but ended up hanging out in the lobby in front of the doors for 45 minutes. It was obnoxious. People pushing and shoving and yelling. I can't imagine what it must have been like opening night. I wouldn't have been able to handle it.
It's twenty after twelve. Who knows when Neil is going to surface. I just went in and woke him up again. I've been on edge all weekend. There's a position opening up in Operations at work and I'm supposed to apply for it and no one is applying because I am, which is kind of weird. (Ah...Tears for Fears...) No one (who counts anyway) wants me to get the job, apparently. You know, the big wigs, the head honchos. Apparently I'm too immature. It's not that I'm immature. Sure, I like to laugh. If you don't laugh at that job, the stress will drive you crazy and you'll have a nervous breakdown. And I AM 23 years old, for Christ's sake. I don't have big responsibilities like KIDS or a house payment or whatever. But that doesn't mean I'm immature or irresponsible. Whatever. At this point, I don't care either way. I'm going to have to fly sometime and in operations, that sometime would be soon.
Oh, maybe I should point out I didn't end up going to Russia. I freaked out and made a stupid snap decision and I'm sorry that I didn't go. I should have gone. Everybody at work was pissed, especially my manager. I thought she was going to kill me. So now I look stupid. The girl who I'd be replacing told me that the big THEY think I'm too young and I know my fear of flying is a problem as well. The thing is, my friend Kim, who is also my supervisor, is who should REALLY get the job. I think she should have it. I WANT her to have it so she can get the hell out of reservations but she makes too much money in res as it is, with commission, so they'd never be able to afford her. She can't get paid less than she already is...she has a new house and three kids, for crying out loud. It's like playing second fiddle to a Stradivarius, you know? Everyone's like "Other than Kim, you're the best person for the job" or "If Kim doesn't apply, I'm sure you'll get it." I get a stomach ache just thinking about it. I don't really care if I get it or not.
And anyway...wasn't I ready to quit a few months ago? Wasn't that me going through the HELP WANTED ads?
I think it was.
So, Neil's finally in the shower. Think I should do dishes and clean the kitchen.
Catch you later.

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