Thursday, November 29, 2001

Well, hell.
Almost 2 months to the day since I've actually posted. No, I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth, well...not entirely. For all you people out there awaiting email from me, I have recently discovered I can't send email. I can get it but I can't send it.
Not much has changed since I wrote in September. Let me, not much has changed.
Work is the same. We've gotten busier, which is good, so hopefully we won't all take a pay cut or get furloughed or whatever. I actually had this week off, which is so much fun. I haven't done much, basically hung out around the house and watched infomercials and PBS kids programs, cleaned my house and got half way through Memoirs of a Geisha, which I highly recommend, if there's someone out there other than me who hasn't read it yet. I've got Atlas Shrugged to start on next. You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of miss school. I can't read as well as I used to (I know that sounds really dumb. It's not that I've forgotten HOW to read, it's that I can't concentrate like I used to). Maybe next year I'll take a couple of courses at Keene State. Maybe.
Well, let's see, what else happened? Oh, yeah! I turned the big two-two on Novemeber 23rd. What a great birthday. I really had a great time and I never feel like I have good birthdays. I went to the Steeplegate Mall with my mom in Concord that morning and afternoon and she bought me some clothes as my birthday present (and Christmas, since I found WAAY too much stuff) and went to lunch at Applebees (bleh). Then I went to the Frontrunner in Manchester with Neil, Nick and Mikey. Jen's first gay club was a blast. Kind of like Queer as Folk. Lots of cute guys, all of them gay. Just like real life. Has anyone seen Queer as Folk? It's addictive! It's like televised nicotine. I love it.
Yeah, life's pretty good.
If you noticed, I've revamped my page a bit, just because the Enigma theme was getting old and I got an idea after listening to Poe's album Haunted and flipping through her brother's book, Mark Danieleweski's House of Leaves, which I cannot work up the brains to read. Anyway, the track Haunted really touched me, so I decided to use it as the theme for my page.
On a similar note, December 1st is World AIDS day and my page will be participating in Link and Think (formerly A Day Without Weblogs) and will be posting relevant material for meditation, reflection and education. I urge all my buddies out there, Bloggers and non-Bloggers, to participate by displaying a banner, linking to AIDS-relevant material or any other idea you may have.
Anyway, my laundry should be done. I think I'll write again soon.

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