Sunday, January 07, 2001

Creamy, dreamy Sundays.
This is what Sundays are all about. Getting up at noon, early enough to enjoy the day but late enough to feel delicously lazy. Real World New Orleans on the tube (Julie's my hero). Canadian White Bread toast and a microwaved latte. Techno on my `puter. No real plans, no real responsibilities. I wish my whole life could be like this...well, like this with a paycheck.
Neil and I had a huge fight last night at like three am. Like a knockdowndragemoutslammingdoorsscreaming profanitiesthrowingshit fight. It was rediculous and I'll take half the blame but he totally flew off the handle when I asked him to take Penny out. Christ. You'd think I'd asked him to clean the toliet or something. Needless to say, he didn't take Penny for a walk and when I got back from walking her, I was raring for a fight. I told him I could fight and that I don't do that coldshoulderihateyou bullshit. We're not in college anymore. We don't need to leave each other notes on the bathroom mirror that say nasty stuff. I don't do that anymore and it angered me to see him wanting to just ignore me and act mad and mutter swear words under his breath. We ended up staying up til 5 AM fighting and then talking and then him just ranting and me just listening. Things seem all better now. I hope.
Anyway, I hope to get up to the `rents today with Penny so she can run around like a crazy dog and play with Krissy and I can have some decent food since we have no food, although I did find a jar of spaghetti sauce in the cupbord while I was making coffee this AM.
Simple things thrill simple minds.

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