Saturday, July 08, 2000

I have exorcized the demons...this page is clear!

Thank God. I never thought I could get it working again!! Of course, I've still got to work on this sticky space bar and shift key. Penny was so happy to see me when I got home from work, she kept trying to jump in my lap. Poor little girl. Now she's asleep again.

Neil, Tonya and Meg came in to the store tonight to see me. I might go over Neil's tomorrow since I have nothing else to do and I get out early. I like his apartment. Brittany and Ben came in, too. Brittany wants to go the Piazza on Monday. She's such a sweetie. Finally, people I can get along with and not constantly feel like a shmuck.

Work was long as usual. I worked my ass off. I doubt anyone notices, though. They only happen to turn around when I'm NOT working. It drives me crazy. I worked so hard I was practically out of breath. Kathryn and I switched days so now I have Monday OFF, whoo-hoo, hence Brittany and I meeting up at the Piazza. I think she needs to talk to me about Benny-Boy. Poor thing.

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